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Workshop in DET, Quanzhou, China

End of Jan. 2016 we went to Quanzhou, China, a very beautiful city in the south of China, 150 km from Xiamen, to have a cooperation and workshop with the Chinese design office DET.

We had a nice visit in the DET office. The CEO of DET, Mr. Prof. Yang invited us to have a workshop/presentation for the internal designers. We reported how we work as a design studio in Germany and what the history and the future of German Industrial design is looking like.

Even though it was a very short stay in Quanzhou, we were impressed that the Chinese industry starts to accnowledge good design from all over the world. Most of them do not copy anymore and instead research and develop with a very high quality. Meanwhile, we are really thankful for DET's invitation to have this chance to know the Chinese Market, not only the design market, but also the industrial market in China, and of course to have the chance to work out excellent products with a Chinese customers.

Mr. Brüssing and Mr. Prof. Yang (CEO of DET)

In DET Design office

Workshop with internal designers

After work

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