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Busch-Welcome Outdoor Element

The Busch-Welcome Door-communication-system's design not only impresses with its intuitive usability but also through high-end materials and an outstanding surface quality. Examples are the Busch-Welcome outdoor elements made from brushed stainless steel or coated metal - the high quality of manufacture is visible and sensible all over the product.

The 'outdoor element - video' contains a high-resolution color camera with an angle of 104 degrees.

Thought-through to the smallest detail. One interesting detail and unique design characteristic is the inwardly bent and illuminated audio / mic port.

The design process started off with the development of a system. The consequently modulated composition of all audio- and mic-components is the ideal solution for the fulfillment of individual wishes. Displayed versions: 'Studio-white matte' and 'studio-black matte'.

The 'audio-Video' outdoor elements are available in different versions with up to 15 call buttons.

Displayed versions: brushed stainless steel.

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