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ANJUBAO ZJ15B Outdoor Element 

Die langgestreckte schmale Form unterstreicht das reduzierte Design durch der optisch durchgängigen Aluminiumfrontplatte. Unterbrochen wir die Linienführung durch  das Transponderfenster, das die numerische Tastenfläche bewusst als Bedienbereich gliedert. Das obere Frontelement beinhaltet eine durch das Aluminium scheinende neuartige Leuchtanzeige ebenso kreisrunde Kamera- und Lichtöffnungen, die bewusst im Kontrast zur strengen Formumgebung stehen.

The new ANJIBAO Door communication system product-line 'Audio-Video' stands out with its aesthetic and authentic design. 

This aesthetic approach, a high level of functionality and an ideal, ergonomic arrangement of all functional areas offer a simple and  intuitive handling.

The reduced design is continued in the perfect combination and processing of the materials, in the surface with its fine and haptic structures as well as in the functional elements and in the subtle color variations.

The long, narrow shape highlights the reduced design with its visually continuous aluminum front-plate. The visual line is cut by the transponder window, which consciously separates the numeric key pad as the operating section. The upper element contains a novel indicator light which shines through the aluminum  and circular openings for camera and lighting, consciously contrasting the strict design.

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